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Bridgeman Method

Robert Bridgeman and Monique van Leeuwen travelled around the world to study 33 modern and traditional life improving methods in countries like Nepal, Thailand, the USA, India and Vietnam.

In 2010 Robert and Monique designed the Bridgeman Method, a coach method designed to discover and live your true potential. Robert and Monique worked with people in over more than 26 different countries and they train coaches worldwide. Bridgeman is not a profit driven organization but a happiness driven community.

Search Inside Yourself in Amsterdam

Develop the core skills that power outstanding leadership!

Developed at Google and based on the latest in neuroscience research, the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) offers attention and mindfulness training programs that build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for peak performance and effective leadership. We help professionals at all levels adapt, management teams evolve and leaders optimize their impact and influence. Give us your attention for a few days, and we’ll show you how to focus it for the rest of your life.

“The Search Inside Yourself workshop (SIY) in Amsterdam is the unique two-day course that was developed and refined at Google”

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Robert Bridgeman and Monique van Leeuwen stayed for nearly two years in Vietnam where they set up a center for awareness. They studied with various teachers and in meditation and yoga centers in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and India. Together they developed the Bridgeman method, a method that consists of 33 methods in the field of quality of life and awareness which the couple examined worldwide. The Bridgeman method helps in a quick and effective way to achieve a lighter and more conscious life.

Robert Bridgeman

Robert Bridgeman had several management positions in the construction industry. After some intense experiences he made a turn in his life and decided to dedicate his life to his passion: facilitating awareness among others. He meditated weeks in monasteries and sat in sweat lodges with shamans. Robert is attached to the leading "Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute" in San Francisco (Mindfulness for business) resulting from a collaboration between Google and Stanford University. He also climbed the Kilimanjaro along with Iceman Wim Hof in shorts and in 48 hours. Robert gives lectures, retreats and workshops in different countries. He is co-founder of Bridgeman Community and works as a coach and meditation trainer. Robert is the author of the book: Start today with lighter living. Professor Paul de Blot and Tijn Touber wrote the foreword.

Monique van Leeuwen

Monique van Leeuwen was communications consultant in telecommunications. After years of doing this work with pleasure, she began to wonder if this was it. Her passion was during this job already "helping people" and so she decided to spread her wings and explore what there was more to life. In 2010 she moved with Robert to Asia where she spent almost two years and was co-founder of the LYON Saigon Center, a center for coaching, yoga and meditation. Monique followed her yoga teacher training in an Ashram in India, NLP Master Practitioner, and followed a doula training (antenatal care). Monique is co-owner of Bridgeman and developed along with Robert the Bridgeman method. She is active as a coach, trainer, retreat leader and yoga instructor, specializing in antenatal care and personal yoga coaching.

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