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Bridgeman offers coaching, events, workshops, and retreats for both individuals and organizations. Besides the Lighter Life Coach Training, Bridgeman developed the MBE (Mindfulness, Brains & Emotional Intelligence) meditation method. This includes the successful “Learn how to meditate in one day!” program as well as the MBE Meditation trainer training.

Since 2012, Robert Bridgeman and Monique van Leeuwen have been back in the Netherlands where they further shape Bridgeman.

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Awareness intent

Bridgeman does not seek profit but instead seeks consciousness and to help as many people as possible achieve greater awareness. Bridgeman’s activities are therefore accessible and affordable. This does not mean that everything is offered at cost, but that does not make Bridgeman profit oriented. 15% of the profits made ​​will go to the Bridgeman Foundation, the foundation which Bridgeman contributes to people living at the bottom of society.


Humanity and the planet face grave challeneges in many domains. Continuous warfare, massive deforestation, human trafficking, and climate abuses hold the world back from getting better. A solution must be found. As the scientist Albert Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness where it is created". You have to go to another level of consciousness for the solution. Bridgeman sees it as its duty to help humanity to achieve that other level of consciousness in order to maximize the chance of solving these problems above.


Bridgeman wants to facilitate this awareness by providing training, workshops, coaching programs, retreats, writing books and blogs, speaking at events and seminars, and educating Lighter Life coaches and meditation trainers. Therefore, the materials used by Bridgeman must comply with international standards, be obtained directly from the source, and be presented in an accessible and professional manner. With its Foundation, Bridgeman can thereby have a direct, positive worldwide impact on the lives of people and especially children at the bottom of society. The Foundation is financed with the proceeds of Bridgeman.

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