Meditation trainer (MBE)

Increasingly more people and organizations are interested in meditation, and mindfulness meditation in particular has taken the world by storm. This is mainly because of recent brain research into this form of meditation which gives credibility to this method. Thus, increasingly more international organizations have meditation programs designed for their staff, and mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Robert Bridgeman took the knowledge and experience he accrued from all over the world: He studied in meditation centers in Asia, has access to the latest brain research by joining the SIYLI Institute in San Francisco (Google / Stanford), and utilizes the Wim Hof Method (Radboud University). Each year, Robert leads a group of teachers that can professionally provide meditation training in businesses and to individuals. At these special events, guest lecturers include Johan Noorloos (New Yoga School).

The intention

The effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain is being examined by leading universities and brain scientists worldwide. More is known about the enormous benefits of this form of meditation every day. At a time when increasingly more people want to learn meditation, it is important that there are science-based, logical, and concrete methods that teach people – in a simple way – how to practice. The intent of this course is to help you become a professional meditation trainer so you can spread your knowledge and inspire others.

What do you learn?

  • Know the MBE Meditation method and how to transfer this knowledge to organizations and individuals Original, modern, and effective meditation exercises
  • The impact and benefits of meditation based on scientific studies
  • The latest brain research in the field of meditation. Sources: Stanford and Harvard Universities and Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program
  • The links between mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence
  • Various meditation techniques: Mindfulness meditation, concentration meditation, compassion, empathy, meditation, and movement meditation
  • How to study yourself, your meditation practice, and your knowledge
  • How to develop compassion, empathy, self-confidence, presence, social leaderships, and presentation skills
  • The developments in the international world and college life and how to transfer them
  • How to present meditation in the business world in a good way
  • Specialist trainer skills
  • How to give meditation workshops to individuals
  • How to apply 1-on-1 coaching meditation
  • In short: You will learn how to teach people meditation in a constructive and effective way!

The training

MBE is a thorough, effective, and professional way to transfer mindfulness meditation across organizations and individuals. In MBE the meditation is freed from spiritual, traditional and culture-related issues.

You learn to convey this ancient science in a practical, allowing you to teach within organizations. The method is characterized by having a logical structure, being evidence-based, and above all, utilizing fun and efficient exercises.

MBE has several methods for both beginners and those who are more advanced: workshops, retreats, trainings, and deepening days. Participants experience MBE as light-hearted and humorous yet also profound and effective. This modern method includes techniques and exercises from a variety of fields: The method includes various breathing techniques, compassion training techniques to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, brain training, ecstatic experiences, (deep) relaxation techniques, and insight into the brain and nervous system.

MBE is built out of the following methods

  • Vipassana meditation
  • Zen meditation
  • Compassion and empathy exercises
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Wim Hof Method
  • Brain research
  • Search Inside Yourself (SIY; Google’s meditation program)
  • Yoga techniques
  • Quantum Light Breath
  • OSHO meditation
  • Avatar
  • Tony Robbins
  • Hypnosis therapy

Expected outcomes & structure

Once you have completed your MBE traingin, you can teach meditation training within organizations and to individuals. You will be able to deliver meditation in a humorous, efficient, airy and at the same time profound and effective manner. You will be able to present yourself as a meditation trainer and have the materials, knowledge, and experience to shape your teaching in a professional manner. You will have the exercises, techniques, and experience to give workshops, trainings, retreats, and one-on-one meditation guidance

As an MBE meditation trainer you can also join Bridgeman Community (after receiving certification). The MBE meditation trainer certificate is automatically renewed annually.

This nine-month program consists of 10 training days, which are, except for the starting day, given in blocks of two or three days. Besides that you, you may be able to attend Robert’s special workshop, “Learn how to meditate in one day!” as Robert provides monthly workshops at various locations in the Netherlands. Between sessions you get homework such as readings from books, articles and scientific publications and actual meditation practice and writing reflections.

Location: To be announced. The training will be arranged once 10 participants have registered (with a maximum of 20 participants per training).


Start in March 2016: 24,25 and 26 march 20, 21 may 6,7 and 8 october 25, 26 november

Start in September 2016: 27, 28 en 29 october 2016 10, 11 february 2017 11,12 and 13 may 2017 6, 7 july 2017

Requirements: It is important that you are already familiar with meditation and that you meditate daily for approximately 30 minutes or more (and that you have been doing so for a minimum of 1 year). Before the course begins, you must have participated in at least one 10-day silent retreat (or are willing to follow these during the MBE Education Year). Additionally, you must also intend to follow an annual silent retreat held over at least three days.


The fee for the entire course is € 2499, - excluding VAT, manual, materials, lunch, and dinner on weekends. This fee excludes accommodation, breakfast, and books. Are you following your 2015 training or study for your (future) profession? Then under certain conditions your tuition fees and textbook costs may be tax deductable. Legislation may vary each year, so be sure to verify your possibilities with the tax service (Belastingdienst).

About the trainer

Robert Bridgeman is traveling and has traveled around the world over the past years, always studying meditation practices at their source. Robert:

  • lived for two years in Vietnam where he studied Zen Buddhism
  • gives worldwide meditation training, workshops, and retreats to organizations and individuals
  • participated in Vipassana meditation retreats in the Netherlands, Nepal, and Thailand
  • studied Tibetan Buddhism, OSHO meditation, Yoga, and Hindu forms of meditation, in countries including India
  • became a certified instructor in the Iceman, Wim Hof’s, method in which participants with meditation and yoga techniques profoundly influence the nervous system and learn to cope with extreme cold
  • climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 48 hours wearing just shorts by using meditation and breathing techniques
  • is affiliated with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SYLI) in San Francisco as a trainer (in training) and as of 2014, is the only Dutchman SIY teacher
  • is author of the book "Start today with lighter living” and developed the CD “Learn how to meditate in 4 weeks”
  • Do you want to participate in this program? Please contact us by sending an e-mail to

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