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The Bridgeman Foundation is committed to people in difficult circumstances. The Foundation collects donations for projects that contribute to better living conditions for people at the bottom of society and for children in particular. Additionally, the foundation facilitates Bridgeman Coaches to work with war veterans and victims of pimps. Bridgeman Foundation personally delivers the donations to the relevant project, and we participate in them ourselves. 15% of the profits of the organization go to the Bridgeman Foundation.

Project Foundation Open Ogen (Open Eyes)

Open Eyes engages with victims of “Loverboy” practices, including forced prostitution in the Netherlands. Robert Bridgeman joined the board of Open Eyes and Bridgeman Coach Marinka van Aken is the volunteer team. Thus, the Bridgeman method lends itself to trauma processing, interventions, and more.

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Project Help een Kind horen! (Help a Child to hear)

Hoa Lan School is a school run by Catholic nuns for impaired hearing children in the province of Dong Nai (45 minutes from Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam). Up to 80 children aged 5 to 18 years old attend during the week. Most of them have parents, but many are too poor or live too far away to send their children to a special school. In Vietnam, facilities for children with a hearing disability are not common. Very often, disability is seen as taboo. However, this school gives children the opportunity to get formal education and learning sign language.

Some kids at the school are completely deaf, but many of them can be helped with a hearing aid! Good hearing aids are expensive because they have to be custom made; hearing aids need to be adjusted using a number of auditory channels depending on the hearing ability of each child. Siemens helps Hoa Lan school in a substantial way by providing hearing aids at a low price and by visiting the school every month for free maintenance of the hearing aids. They also teach the children how the device should be used.

However, good hearing aids cost about $1,300 and the overwhelming majority of parents are too poor to pay this amount. We really need your help! We have been able to purchase multiple pairs of hearing aids with the aid of the donations so far, but we can still help more children hear again.

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Project Live & Give Foundation Pleiku Vietnam

The Bridgeman Foundation collected $3,105,- so that 8 children could go to school for a year.

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Project Geen kinderen op de vuilnisbelt! (No children at the dump!)

The Catalyst Foundation in the city of Rach Gia in Vietnam is working hard to make the lives of people in very poor villages and near the local garbage dump as bearable as possible. But because children still work night shifts among the rubbish, much still needs change. The Bridgeman Foundation collects donations so that employees at the landfill can follow vocational training, to find work as motorcycle mechanics or nail stylists, and get themselves off the belt. Catalyst also runs its own school for over 200 children.

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According to the United Nations, we are well on the way to having 9 billion inhabitants on our planet in 2050. Considering that there were just 1 billion people in the year 1804, this exponential growth seems staggering. This growth especially occurs in the lower echelons of society; huge slums have and continue to develop around cities in developing countries. in the result: Lack of food and water; inadequate sanitation, garbage management and infrastructure; limited employment; and lack of education and medicine. These factors lead to more crime, human trafficking, and human rights abuses. Thus, billions of people live well below subsistence level.

The Bridgeman Foundation is based on the principle that there is enough for everyone on this planet and that huge differences between rich and poor are not necessary. Every day enormous amounts of food are destroyed by Western supermarket chains because it is out of date or damaged. Countless amounts of material and consumables are disposed of as waste. But money is desperately needed for foundations to help people in the most desperate situations, such as those working in slums and garbage dumps. By using a different distribution model, it is possible for every person on earth to have a reasonably good life.

Projects of the Bridgeman Foundation are characterized by such redistribution. Examples include: Collecting used hearing aids for deaf children in developing countries and collecting donations for education for the poor. The Bridgeman Foundation itself is always on site to work, so donors know where their resources go and see a direct impact of their gifts.

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