2012 Outlook, Saigon. Two-page article about our meditation activities in Vietnam:
Click here for the article: Awaken Your Hidden Power, Outlook 2012

2012 Saigon Times, Nice article about our activities in Saigon:
About meditation classes, seminars, L.Y.O.N. Center and other activities. Click here for the article:

2012 Meditation, Vietnamese article:
Body & Mind Seminar in Saigon on April 7, 2012 where Robert taught meditation to 120 Vietnamese professionals. Click here for the article:

2012 Meditatie, Vietnamese article:
Robert’s meditation lesson for Vietnamese professionals in Saigon’s Zennova Center and LYON Center. Click here for the article: Article in Vietnamese about meditation

2011 The Power of the Mind. English article in Vietweek Saigon:
The Power of the Mind, about Robert’s meditation classes in L.Y.O.N. Center Saigon. Click here for the article: The Power of the Mind.

2011 Life coaching. English article in AsiaLife, Saigon’s city life magazine:
Journalist Beth Young came to the L.Y.O.N. Center in Saigon and had a “Discover Your Potential” session with Robert. Beth wrote about her experience in the following article: AsiaLIFE September 2011.

2011 Only Zen, interview with Robert:

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