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Robert Bridgeman: speaker, trainer, coach, inspirer, researcher and adventurer

Why do you think what you think? Why do you feel what you feel? Why do you do things in the way you do them? To what extent are you led by your convictions? What are your passions and dreams? How can you realize them and which obstacles do you need to tackle? Which techniques can you incorporate in your daily life to help you do this? You hold the key to your transformation. But… where do you find that key? And how to use it?

We think that we take conscious decision about the things we do. However, 95% of our actions originate from our subconscious. We are often carried away by day-to-day issues and before you know it, you are living the life that is expected of you, with a job, a partner, a family, a home, a mortgage… Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but does it really make you happy? Do you feel you are maximizing your capabilities and your life? Maybe you would like to change, would love to realize your dreams, but you don’t know how. After all, you have been who you are for such a long time. And leaving your comfort zone can be quite scary.


Optimizing your capabilities

Robert Bridgeman allows you to experience that you too are able to optimize capabilities. It all starts with the structure of your brain and how it works. "The great thing about our brain is that you can influence it; this is called neuroplasticity. We look into how your body and psyche work and how you can influence them. You will familiarize yourself with techniques that provide you energy or relaxation when you need it. You will be given the tools to gain a higher level of consciousness, allowing you to optimize yourself at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Experiencing less stress, raising your self-awareness, improving your self-reflection, learning to regulate thoughts, feelings and emotions, experiencing increased wellbeing and happiness: it is within your reach." Robert inspires you to discover what drives you professionally and in your private life, and in doing so provides you the key to your own transformation.

Robert is an excellent example of such a transformation. Robert Bridgeman's name used to be Robert Jan Bruggeman. At that time Robert was a director of a construction company with eighty employees, was very much overweight and consumed lots of wine and smoked plenty of cigarettes every week. He was driven by a desire for bigger and more, but it failed to satisfy his senses. One day he lost it all: his marriage and his job. This kick-started a complete transformation. In his search for fulfilment and happiness he studied various methods and techniques. In six months he lost thirty kilos, conquered his addictions and his dominant, materialistic personality changed and he became the person he had always wanted to be: friendly, inspiring and sporty. Robert found himself. It is then that he decided to change his name into Robert Bridgeman.

Sweat huts and the Kilimanjaro

This transformation awakened his inner researcher: how was it possible that he could change so much? And how could he help others find themselves, on the way to a more conscious and happier life? He travelled the world in order to find the answers to these questions: from the United States and England through to Nepal, India, Thailand and Vietnam, where he stayed for two years, coached expats and provided meditation training to businesses. He studied the methods of Buddhist schools, advaita vedanta and cabbalism to NLP, positive psychology and brain research. He spent time in sweat huts and meditated in monasteries and temples for weeks on end. He climbed the Kilimanjaro bare-chested with Wim Hof 'the Iceman' in 48 hours in order to show the effect of meditation on the spirit and body. On the basis of all his experiences, he and his partner Monique van Leeuwen developed the Bridgeman Method which is aimed at consciousness, stress reduction, happiness and well-being. In his role as coach, trainer and speaker, Robert Bridgeman helps people to find and use the key to a more conscious and happier life.

In 2012 Robert Bridgeman became a trainer and ambassador at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute in San Francisco. This institute originated within Google; Google developed a mindfulness based emotional intelligence & leadership program in collaboration with brain researchers of the prestigious Stanford University. The program was initially set up for the employees of Google, but it is now widely used by large international companies such as LinkedIn and SAP that recognize and experience its added value.

Speaker, trainer, adventurer

Robert is a speaker and provides training and courses to individuals, companies, institutions and professional athletes. He is the author of the books 'Start vandaag met lichter leven' (Start living lighter today) and 'Start vandaag met mediteren'(Start meditating today). His latest book 'Rust' (Rest) will be published in the autumn of 2015. Robert Bridgeman is engaged to Monique van Leeuwen (yoga teacher and NLP master) and has two young sons. Together they travel the world to tell their story, to train and to coach in a relaxed, accessible, down-to-earth and humorous way. In doing so, they are living proof of how their method works.


Brain Hack : Your brains play a key role when it comes to optimizing yourself. This workshop is about the structure of your brains, how they work and how you can influence them. Neuroplasticity, mindfulness and the latest technology are discussed Resilience, Focus & Relaxation: Robert discusses how your body and psyche work and how you can influence them. How can you, for example, obtain energy fast in order to work on that important task and which techniques can you use to achieve relaxation when you need it? Search Inside Yourself Keynote (to the program developed at Google) Kilimanjaro in 48 hours: Robert climbed the Kilimanjaro bare-chested with Wim Hof 'the Iceman' in 48 hours in order to show the effect of meditation on the spirit and body. Meditation in international organisations Meditation & brain science Successfully doing business, achieving success through trial and error Start living lighter today (to the book). Rest! (to the book that will be published in january 2016)


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