Sustainable working

Sustainable employability is becoming increasingly important in organizations with the goals to work longer, work healthier, and be able to work differently. Of these three goals, working healthier is an important pillar. For example, many organizations have a Vitality department where exercise and nutritional advice is given. Similarly, a new trend has emerged recently: mental and emotional health for management and employees. Coaching, meditation, and yoga programs are designed for organizations worldwide for this very reason. Bridgeman is responding to this development by supporting organizations with professional and science-based programs.

Mindfulness meditation and the international working industry

Mindfulness meditation is becoming increasingly important worldwide. Google developed its own mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program for staff that is fully supported by brain research at Stanford University. Samsung did the same with Yeungnam University in Seoul. The US Marine Corps also has its own program called M-Fit (mental fitness). Mckinsey, among the leading consultancy firms, is also known to use mediation programs for clients. Harvard professor and super CEO Bill George sees in mindfulness meditation a new business platform. Mindfulness meditation is directly linked to brain development and the development of emotional intelligence.

Healthier working

Healthier working is highly topical, but what does this mean? The term evokes a direct association with the physical welfare of managers, professionals, and employees, but it actually includes much more. Within the theme of healthier working, mental / emotional health plays an important role. How can this be simply developed? What methods are there? A valuable and recent approach has been to view emotional intelligence is an important pillar in healthier working.

Imagine that confidence, commitment, motivation, perseverance, and social skills could be easy to train. Stress and pensions would be things of the past. What would be the impact on the overall health of your colleagues and employees, absenteeism, and employee satisfaction within your organization? Scientific research has shown that the training method to develop all this is called mindfulness meditation.

Bridgeman and Meditation

Robert Bridgeman is affiliated with SIY from Google. He developed a meditation method called MBE Meditation. MBE stands for Mindfulness, Brains, and Emotional Intelligence. Robert Bridgeman graduated from meditation centers in Vietnam, India, Nepal, and Thailand, and together with the Iceman, Wim Hof, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro within 48 hours and wearing just shorts (at -20 degrees Celsius), all by using meditation techniques. He is the author of the book “Start today with lighter living”, where he describes the developments surrounding modern meditation. Based in the Netherlands, Robert operates as a specialist in the field of meditation, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence..

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